Predictive analytics helps your organization anticipate change so that you can plan and carry out strategies that improve outcomes.By applying predictive analytics solutions to data you already have, your organization can uncover unexpected patterns and associations and develop models to guide front-line interactions. This means you can prevent high-value customers from leaving, sell additional services to current customers, develop successful products more efficiently, or identify and minimize fraud and risk. Predictive analytics gives you the knowledge to predict and the power to act.

         Since June 2012, BAC Company has been promoted as an official distributor of SPSS Software after SPSS Thailand has terminated the distribution service in 2011.

         BAC uses SPSS software to develop information systems and statistical data systems with BI software and Cognos TM1 for create a comprehensive business analytics system such as import data into a data warehouse, create dimensional modeling, create dashboard for Executive by BI Software and create enterprise planning using TM1 and also business forecasting by SPSS software.

         BAC’s objective is that the solution of SPSS Predictive Analytics helps users to plan both proactive and receptive, Prediction and finding depth relationship to increase business opportunity to reach the customer and also control quality of product and service to reduce the risk with data analytic to support the efficiency decision for enterprise.

         IBM SPSS Software products sold by BAC has 3 groups as follows :

1. IBM SPSS Data Collection

         IBM SPSS Data Collection is data collective software, which collect data in terms of survey, used by many global market research companies to access attitude, complacency and opinion of customers and company’s employer in their firm for decision making.

2. IBM SPSS Statistics

         IBM SPSS Statistics is completely data analysis process that covers data collective, create summary report and used in real business scenario with various analytic option which can be choose by analytic level, from fundamental analysis to advance and complex analysis. Suitable to every business to response on data analytic and decision making.

3. IBM SPSS Modeler

         IBM SPSS Modeler is data mining software, which can simply create Predictive Model and without programming. Modeler is complete software with data understanding function to present the result, create modeling, classification algorithms, segmentation algorithms, association algorithms, time series and forecasting, text mining analysis with entity analytics, social network analytics, etc. for increase value to an existing database.

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