IBM Business Analytics Overview

         IBM Business Analytics software provides you with actionable insights that allow you to answer these critical business questions:

• How are we doing ?

• Why ?

• What should we be doing ?

         With answers in hand, you can stay on track to meet targets, with visibility into any aspect of your business performance. You can put results into context by analyzing trends and patterns. And then allocate human and financial resources more effectively, and mitigate risk.

With IBM Business Analytics you can

• Spot trends and anomalies in your business data with IBM’s industry leading business intelligence software.

• Conduct deep trend analyses using statistical and financial performance management software.

• Perform “what if” analysis and predictive modeling to predict potential threats and opportunities, with advanced OLAP and predictive analytics solutions.

• Facilitate accurate, timely financial and regulatory reporting and be more proactive in planning and budgeting.

• Provide executives with greater visibility into operational, financial and market risk through a single governance, risk and compliance offering.

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