Tableau Class

Tableau Class

Tableau Desktop Fundamental (2 Days)

• This course is suitable for Tableau beginners to analysis data which focus on creating simple visualization from Excel, CSV, Text files and create basic dashboard and also suitable for Beginner Data Analyst or Analyst who analyze the data that have been prepared.

Tableau Desktop  Advance (2 Days)

• This course is suitable for Tableau user to advanced data analysis. By focusing in terms of create the customize visualizations, combining data from multiple sources, connection with database, computing complex calculations, creating custom map and custom image report, especially for basically works with tableau server. Moreover, it’s also suitable for Advanced Users and Power Users that need to create Visualization and Dashboard in Advanced Level to respond to Business Users.

Tableau Server for Explorer (1 Day)

• This course is for Tableau Desktop working along with Tableau server. The content covers Signing into Tableau Server, Sorting and Searching report, Sharing content with Tableau on website, and include Alert Notifications that will alert via E-mail, Filtering data, Creating or editing reports on Tableau Server via web page and creating dashboard from reporting. This course is suitable for user that need to analyze data and share content on website.

Tableau Server for Implementation (2 Days)

• This course is for working on Tableau Desktop working along with Tableau server. The content covers defining Security and Permission, Using URL API, Embedded data on Tableau to the portal. Using Tableau Server Command line for backup and restore data and include recommend architectures on Tableau Server as well. This is suitable for user who want to customize security and permissions for content on Tableau.

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